Saturday, 4 June 2011

Serendipitous Saturday - if furniture could speak

Serendipity: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way - Oxford Dictionary. 

Today was just a regular Saturday.  I had my coffee in between dodging somersaults and marbles, wiped tears, made beds, wiped other things, did some housework and then managed to finally get the kids in the car for a special trip to the  thrift shop or "Treasure shop" as I like to call it.   Maybe I would stumble upon a nice little antique coffee table I could freshen up for the front loungeroom, or maybe a cute cup and saucer, and a couple of books and toys for the kids.  What I actually found was priceless. 

Upon entering the store I came across a little Queen Ann style coffee table, and decided that I would come back to it if I could'nt stop thinking about it by the end of the shopping trip (that's generally the way I work).  I continued along to the kitchen section where I studied a collection of tarnished silver platters, wondering if they could be revived.  As I turned around, my attention was caught by the coffee table in the arms of another woman!  I jokingly said to the lady "I was looking at that table, cute isn't it", half wondering if she might surrender it.  She smiled, shrugged and continued along.  Then, I did a double take as I immediately recognised the lady as my old highschool art teacher.  Since I don't do "being taken off guard" very well, and her name did not come to me immediately, I continued along treasure hunting, and  decided I would stop her if the opportuntiy arose.

Of course, after a short while I bumped into the lady again, and just had to stop and mention that I was one of her students back in the late 1980's-early 1990's.  She (Jenny) was absolutely delighted to see me, asked my name and said she remembered me (I'll take her word for it).  I introduced her to my children and we had a lovely chat.  The conversation continued on for a while, and although there was this feeling that we were meant to bump into eachother (with the whole coffee table thing) we ended up saying our goodbyes, and that was that.

Driving home, I just couldn't stop thinking about my old teacher, and running through things we talked about, along with the things I wish we had talked about.   I have always felt that when coincidences like this happen, there is a reason for it, and we should take the time to figure out what that reason is.

This afternoon, I came upon a poignant quote from Eckhart Tolle that reads "Be alert and present and see that your identity is not from your past story; who you truly are is the alert presence that is inseparable from the present moment. You are this, which has no name and no form".  From this, what I learned from today is that it doesn't matter about the past, what I did, or didn't do, what matters is the person I am now, and striving to be for the future.  I have a beautiful family, unique talents, and strive to be a better person most days.   I know that I am heading in the right direction right now.

As for my art teacher, I cannot say what she took from our serendipitous meeting, maybe the same message, either way, I felt that she was quite satisfied to see one of her past students all grown up, and doing fine.

I dunno sometimes...I just think it is amazing that two people were brought together by a little coffee table, in a thrift store on the outskirts of Brisbane, at that particular time. 

Funny thing though, I forgot all about the coffee table!


Do you have any serendipitous tales you'd like to share?

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