Monday, 19 March 2012

Thrifting Therapy

After a tricky week last week, this week has been all about de-cluttering and sticking to a strong routine.  Not without a little thrifting though. 

I picked these dishes up just last week, when I needed to get out of the house and clear my head, plus I just thought my kitchen could do with a little vintage Pyrex! 

It seems thrifting (much like baking) is rather therapeutic.  It gets my mind off things, takes me to a place of simpler, dependable times, of things that were made to last, of handmade things reflecting their era, era's I sometimes think I would have liked to be around for.

You might notice my images are a little retro looking?  Well, I've also been playing around with Picasa, which I downloaded for free. I was looking for a free program for photo collages and to enhance my images, maybe there are other programs like it or even better, I'd love to hear about them if you know of any.  I'm loving the 1960's effect, especially for thrifting posts like this one, but please bare with me as I get used to it.

So, back to thrifting, did I mention that I have a weakness for English bone china, especially teacups and cake plates? And I don't mind if they're not matching, although it is fun chasing down matching cups and saucers for the many odd ones starting to fill up my cabinet. 

Here are a couple of other things I've acquired over the last few months..

Royal Vale Trio set, matched up with Ironstone cake plate,
 perfect for a Sunday afternoon cuppa & cake
This Grindley cake plate was a Christmas gift from my Mum, she's chuffed that I love it,
but I haven't had the chance to use it yet

I'm pretty sure that I'm too young to be an actual nanna (I think), though I'm starting to wonder myself, looking at my little growing collection.  Hubby has yet to comment on the addition of Pyrex to my collection.  Lets just say cottage pie and lemon meringue could well be on the menu shortly!

Linking up for the first time with Sophie over at Her Library Adventures today.


Monday, 12 March 2012

The Opposite To Fragile

I was ordered to fortunate enough to have some time away over the weekend

I was able to stand back and look at things for what they are

I had some time with my Mum (I really miss her and wished we lived closer)

I read

I cleared my head and recharged


Came home to the longest cuddles ever

Right now I'm feeling more like my old self

My bucket is filled up again

I have more to give now

I realise that I was not prioritising

Not sticking with my healthy lifestyle

Life does not go well for me without organisation

Feeling more

durable, sturdy, robust, courageous, strong

 - the opposite to fragile, atleast for now.

How was your weekend and how's your week looking so far?