Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hello 2013

Today, I'm getting a headstart on 2013, there is no time to waste!

I did Pilates, found some healthy recipes, and gave myself a good talking to..

It's going to be a busy year ahead.and I can't wait, but I need to be just a little prepared.  I'll be working on building my little business, along with being more involved with my daughter's playgroup, also balancing school commitments and focussing on spending quality time with my kids during these early precious years.

In 2012 I really didn't find a balance at all, and in particular didn't take care of myself, as all of the above took priority.

So, this year, I'll be making some changes, so that I can give more to my family, and have more energy to deal with whatever the year has to bring.

No New Years Resolutions, just positive thoughts backed up with actions
I can't control what the year may bring, but I can control how I approach it.

Do you have any tips for me on finding that balance?

Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year, and thanking you for your kind words throughout the year, it really means alot to have your support.  I hope to see you on the flipside of 2012!


Saturday, 29 December 2012

Grateful for Family Closeby

Grateful for family who live fairly close...

Close enough for most of the family to spend Christmas together..

At the beach

..and in the bush.

Although a couple of little roadtrips were involved, I'm well aware that many people are separated from their families by much longer distances, work commitments, expensive plane trips, and other circumstances, making it difficult to get together. 

This year, our trip was just far enough for us to stay a couple of nights and spend genuine quality time with both sides of the family, to reconnect, cook together, laugh, eat, drink and swim.

What a relaxing time we had..and I realised we could be doing this more often, just a short drive..and so worth it.  The kids enjoyed so much hanging out with their cousins, and over Christmas I realised I need to make more of an effort to keep all family connections strong.

Joining in with lots of lovely people over at Village Voices for the final 2012 52 Weeks of Grateful.


Friday, 14 December 2012

Grateful for Lovely Messages

"May the spirit of Christmas
 warm your heart

May the joy of Christmas 
give  you happiness

And may the message of Christmas 
stay with you through the New Year"

I'm grateful to have been given a lovely handmade card from a beautiful friend with this message on it this week. 

Over the next week I still have some serious work to do..

4 presents to buy
last minute orders to send out 
A hair appointment to make
Cards to write and send out
Carols by candlelight to be attended
Baking of biccies and rumballs
A few handmade gifts to sew
Doing Christmas craft with the kids

..and somehow deal with tantrums, tears and 
"what are we doing today"s in between! 

I'll admit, I'm not so organised this year..
and with school holidays having just started,
I'm sure I'll need to read that card over and over!

How are you approaching this coming week? 

Joining in with 52 Weeks of Grateful over at Village Voices


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Grateful for Simplicity

I've made a few changes to my blog.

Stripped it back a little,

changed the name,

but it's still me.

It's a little raw, I know..

Things have been rather hectic lately,

So a little simplicity is in order.

Inspiration will time.

These things can never be rushed.

Grateful for simplicity.

Hope you're finding some simplicity
during this hectic time of the year

Joining in with 52 weeks of grateful over at Village Voices


Monday, 3 December 2012

A Little Store Has Opened - Not Taking Over The World or Anything

I can't quite remember when or how the idea came to me, but sometime earlier this year, an idea planted itself in my heart..the idea of an online gifts and homewares store, with handmade and locally made products.. I wasn't looking to take over the world or anything, just be able to pay some bills and be at home for kids.

What a ride the last six months have been...but we're finally Open!

As I mentioned, not looking to take over the world, just to be able to pay some bills, and be at home for the kids.  I'm finding added bonuses though - I'm enjoying the work, meeting lots of lovely people, and the feel good factor of supporting other local businesses.

It can be a harsh, competitive world, this commercial one, but I'm not getting drawn into all of that, just taking each day as it comes, not overly worrying about what others are doing, just focussing on what I can give.

I'm looking for more handmade products too, maybe you'd like to see your handmade things in my store, or you might know of a great locally made product that is looking for more stockists..I'd love to hear from you!  Check it out here, and see what you think..Oh and we're running an Opening Sale with 15% off this week only, feel free to share with your friends.

Hope your week is kind to you!