Friday, 14 December 2012

Grateful for Lovely Messages

"May the spirit of Christmas
 warm your heart

May the joy of Christmas 
give  you happiness

And may the message of Christmas 
stay with you through the New Year"

I'm grateful to have been given a lovely handmade card from a beautiful friend with this message on it this week. 

Over the next week I still have some serious work to do..

4 presents to buy
last minute orders to send out 
A hair appointment to make
Cards to write and send out
Carols by candlelight to be attended
Baking of biccies and rumballs
A few handmade gifts to sew
Doing Christmas craft with the kids

..and somehow deal with tantrums, tears and 
"what are we doing today"s in between! 

I'll admit, I'm not so organised this year..
and with school holidays having just started,
I'm sure I'll need to read that card over and over!

How are you approaching this coming week? 

Joining in with 52 Weeks of Grateful over at Village Voices



Bron said...

Much the same in this household...glad the kids are still at school until much to do...have a lovely restful weekend. xx

Janelle said...

That is a lovely message. Yes I'm feeling the last minute rush too, and also this desire to just have the house & garden completely spic & span before the new year. Lots to do!