Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Creative Space - Dabbling

Making some progress with this..
{should look like a granny square cushion when complete}
Thinking about doing some more of this..
{acrylic on canvas}
Getting diverted with quick projects, like this..

Pondering lots of ideas at the moment..

Preparing to open up my own little online store..

Wondering what I should focus on the most!

Dreaming about making a living from my craft..

Do you dabble in lots of different crafts or focus on one or two? Where do you start when it comes to setting up your own business?  Lots of questions I know, just a smidgeon compared to all the ones running through my head..maybe you have just one teensy weensy answer!

Joining in with many talented folk over at mycreativespace today, go on, you know you can't resist a look see!


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Can't Complain

I can't complain about my week.. 

found a little quiet time to work on a granny square cushion in some of my favourite colours, and enjoy my morning coffee from my new $2 mug.

Blue suede shoes, $10 at Big W, suits my budget!!

Enjoyed some special one on one time with my son (but didn't get a photo, too busy chatting).  We've been doing this every Thursday after school, either going to the library together, grabbing a milkshake, or just having a good old chin wag. He loves our special time together (so do I).

And the grand finale, presented with this original lego creation last night, inspired by rockstar lego minifigure. I love the creativity!

Joining in with Things I'm Loving and Grateful today,
a couple of lovely linkups.

 It's looking rainy here today, but we're enjoying watching the rain through the window, listening to music and making cubby houses.

Wishing you a fabulous weekend!  

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Vintage Finds

Once there was a lonely little ramekin.  It was picked up at an op shop by a hopeful thrifter, who vowed that one day she would find it's family. 
It was a useful little dish, who kept itself busy with odd jobs like melting butter, separating egg whites, but despite this, never quite felt like it belonged anywhere, it was as though it was meant for some other purpose...

Then, one day, it was re-united with it's family.  It turns out they were living just one suburb away from each other all this time.

And so the little ramekin no longer felt alone,
and finally found a purpose,  fulfilling important jobs like..

baking old fashioned custard for the whole family.

Don't you just love happy endings?

Joining in today with Sophie and Her Library Adventures for Flea market Finds

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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Things I'm Loving

Handmade Love..

 some useful things too, I'm impressed!

A cuppa in a real cup (but not real flowers, hey, atleast they last longer!)

Just a few things I'm loving this week, why not pop over to MNM to see what others are loving? Have a fabulous weekend, think I'll make my way over to the markets for a browse on Sunday myself, check out some gorgeous wares.

*This post has been edited to remove photos of my children, for internet security purposes.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

A Sweet Message For Mums

Happy Mothers Day to all of you sweet Mums out there,
mums to be and grandmothers. 
Remembering those beautiful Mums who are no longer with us,
who we think of everyday,
who will live in their children's hearts forever.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Vintage Finds - Something Special

When I come across something special, something that just touches my heart, I never want to let it go, yet want to share it with the world..

My husband stumbled upon these treasures on the weekend at a garage sale on our street.

So enchanting, beautifullly illustrated, full of sweet thoughts and words..the kind of books I love to share with my kids, maybe on a rainy day or at the moment a cool, sunny autumn's day.
Mr R was immediately charmed by the gorgeous cover illustrations, then upon opening up the books, could not put them down, he just knew that they belonged with us. Can you see why I fell in love with this guy? 

They were written and illustrated by children's author Joan Walsh Anglund in the 1950's-60's.  Although the illustrations look a little familiar, I'm feeling a little ignorant on children's literature right about now, as though I should know of her and her beautiful vintage children's books.  Not to worry, I know of them now and I'm hooked!  I would love to have more of these books to pass onto my daughter, and for her to cherish in the future.

I also found some gorgeous prints taken from Anglund's books on etsy, which would look great framed up on my daughter's bedroom walls.

Are you familiar with the works of Joan Walsh Anglund?

Joining in with Sophie and friends at Her Library Adventures today, why not pop over there to see more cute vintage finds!