Wednesday, 30 May 2012

My Creative Space - Dabbling

Making some progress with this..
{should look like a granny square cushion when complete}
Thinking about doing some more of this..
{acrylic on canvas}
Getting diverted with quick projects, like this..

Pondering lots of ideas at the moment..

Preparing to open up my own little online store..

Wondering what I should focus on the most!

Dreaming about making a living from my craft..

Do you dabble in lots of different crafts or focus on one or two? Where do you start when it comes to setting up your own business?  Lots of questions I know, just a smidgeon compared to all the ones running through my head..maybe you have just one teensy weensy answer!

Joining in with many talented folk over at mycreativespace today, go on, you know you can't resist a look see!



Zara said...

Oh your own little online store, congrats. I've thought about one too, maybe one day.
Love your hair ties and clips. x

Little Gumnut said...

oooh yes, I can identify with all of those questions! I dabble and dabble and then fiddle some more. I get distracted and hopeful and discouraged and then excited and round again! My advice? Start somewhere, anywhere and build. Don't worry about getting it perfect straight away, launch yourself in and see what works for you, then build on that!

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

Exciting! You're very talented - I wish I had a crafty/arty side to tap into! xx

Sally said...

I want to make some hair accessories for my little girl. Yours look so good. Did you follow a tutorial or just wing it?

Sam said...

Sorry for the late reply guys, I appreciate all your comments, they really lift me up! Sally, those hair ties are really fun & quick to make..I used a tutorial in an old Handmade magazine (which I no longer have), but I just purchased a self-cover fabric button kit from spotlight, and some elastic, the instructions on the box are pretty self-explanatory, just tie the elastic in a knot and make sure you hot glue it into the buttonhole!