Saturday, 29 December 2012

Grateful for Family Closeby

Grateful for family who live fairly close...

Close enough for most of the family to spend Christmas together..

At the beach

..and in the bush.

Although a couple of little roadtrips were involved, I'm well aware that many people are separated from their families by much longer distances, work commitments, expensive plane trips, and other circumstances, making it difficult to get together. 

This year, our trip was just far enough for us to stay a couple of nights and spend genuine quality time with both sides of the family, to reconnect, cook together, laugh, eat, drink and swim.

What a relaxing time we had..and I realised we could be doing this more often, just a short drive..and so worth it.  The kids enjoyed so much hanging out with their cousins, and over Christmas I realised I need to make more of an effort to keep all family connections strong.

Joining in with lots of lovely people over at Village Voices for the final 2012 52 Weeks of Grateful.



Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

Christmas at the beach sounds like bliss Sam! I've been thinking about those family connections too, this time of the year tends to do it I think xx

Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

Oh and Happy New Year! x

Little Gumnut said...

Sounds like a lovely family time!

Bron said...

Yes definitely something worth working at. Happy New Year. xx

Maxabella said...

I ebb and flow with the family connections too. I might take a leaf out of your book, Sam.

LOVE the pressies under the driftwood tree. That looks ace. x