Monday, 12 March 2012

The Opposite To Fragile

I was ordered to fortunate enough to have some time away over the weekend

I was able to stand back and look at things for what they are

I had some time with my Mum (I really miss her and wished we lived closer)

I read

I cleared my head and recharged


Came home to the longest cuddles ever

Right now I'm feeling more like my old self

My bucket is filled up again

I have more to give now

I realise that I was not prioritising

Not sticking with my healthy lifestyle

Life does not go well for me without organisation

Feeling more

durable, sturdy, robust, courageous, strong

 - the opposite to fragile, atleast for now.

How was your weekend and how's your week looking so far?



Sally said...

Oh that is so good to read. That you're feeling re-charged. Good for you. Do take care.

rockmelon recycled said...

well done for caring for yourself even if you got a shove to do it. Have a great week.