Saturday, 18 June 2011

"Plane" Old Fashioned fun!

On a recent op shop outing, I was so chuffed when my son was charmed by this second hand old world globe bookend.  I looked at the globe, then looked at the price tag, and for once I could happily say yes to his "can I have this mum, please?".  It made such a nice change to the usual requests for dvd's, or the latest plastic mass produced toys on the supermarket shelves. 

I was even further impressed by his choice of a book,  The World Record Paper Air Plane Book, written by Guinness World Record holder Ken Blackburn.  Ethan and his Dad have been having a great time together trying out the different paper planes and throwing techniques. 

You see, our son loves computers and television, and we are trying to find a balance between technology and hands on, good old fashioned play.  There is so much influence from his peers and the media to play with high tech gadgets, and our son is so interested in them.  Then there is the violent content  and "attitude" in some G rated games and popular television programs.

To date, I think we have a good balance of activities, but it is a constant battle to keep my son away from the technology.  His favourite inside activities are Lego, drawing and writing.  Outside, its kicking the ball around, riding his bike or climbing.  We have also just started him in a soccer program and he is loving that now.

How do you deal with technology and your kids?  How do you keep your kids occupied?  What are their favourite activities at home?  I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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