Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Less Is More

I was in the mood for baking biccies this week, and decided to try out this recipe.  They're really easy to make and absolutely scrummy.  Little one enjoyed rolling them into balls and then rolling them into the rice bubbles, but of course, that is all secondary to licking the spoon at the end!

It was also an excuse to test out these colourful kitchen mitts, which are made here in Queensland (yes, locally made, not imported), and available here.  There are also matching double  mitts and pot holders available, which makes a lovely gift set.   

So, am I really just writing a post about oven mitts today? Of course not, there's something else on my mind. Over recent years, and especially in the opening of my business, I have become so much more aware of how convenience dominated my purchasing choices in the past, and how I wasn't seeing that each little purchase I make influences and supports the ethical or unethical practices of many companies and organisations.  

We are so spoilt for choice in this country, with designer homewares and clothing becoming increasingly more affordable to us, but at what price to people and our planet?  It's almost impossible for us to be sure about the working conditions and pay rates of the people who produce these items, but   all too easy, and tempting, to make a decision based on price alone.  But, really, although most of us are on a tight budget, we are in so much more of a fortunate position than many others.  

Where possible, if I can't be sure of where or how an item is produced, I tend to steer away from the item.  Do I really need that pretty set of teatowels  for only $5?  Or would I be better to pay a little more for a better quality one that's made here in Australia or through a Fairtrade organisation, and maybe have less teatowels?  

I encourage you, if you haven't already, to start asking more questions along these lines when you make a purchase, because wherever you can make an ethical purchase, it will count, and we have to start somewhere right? 

Is there a purchase you made recently based on ethical choice?



Naturally Carol said...

What you have said here is so true and worth thinking about before you buy, especially in the light of the terrible building collapses and fires in India and Pakistan over the last few years.

Sam said...

Yes Carol, there have been some horrific things in the news, but I think people are becoming more aware, hopefully organisations will start to listen to consumers more x

Bron said...

You are so right about supporting local...sometimes it is really hard to do though. Might try those biscuits too. x

rockmelon said...

thanks for your post Sam, yes i will pay extra for ethical, yes i won't buy it if its not...

Elisa {With Grace and Eve} said...

We baked this week too! My little ones love it. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog - really resonated with me and very much appreciated xx