Monday, 15 April 2013

Sort of Finding Balance

Hello there..Do you sometimes look back over the week/s and wonder where the biscuits the time went? And then wonder where expressions like "where the biscuits" came from?  Ok, maybe that's just me going cuckoo..but I've had a few of these sort of weeks lately..except that I actually do know where most of my time has been spent..and it's definately not been on the computer, yep, ..just catching up on housework. 

I think I've been trying to make up for housework neglect, in fact I possibly (for a fleeting moment) almost missed housework, yes, that's how little housework I did (for a while there)...well lets not worry about exactly how long! The point is, I suddenly have had this feeling of needing to get everything sorted out..almost like that nesting instinct..but absolutely not that!  Something was definately up though one day when I found myself scrubbing the floors on hands and knees, hard bristled brush in hand..and enjoying it!  Not the getting dirty side, no, I think it was more about the getting lost in the moment side of it that I enjoyed, and now that I think about it, scrubbing the floor is just about the only household chore that cannot possibly be multi-tasked, yep, virtually impossible, I'd say!

Hmm, maybe what's really going on is that I'm sort of finding balance.  I spent so much time getting my business up and running last year, that, I admit, other things fell behind just a little.  Now that it's up and running, I guess I feel the need to get things back to normal on the home front, but not just that, to be more disciplined with the days and times that I work in my business, I guess it's all about time management really, which, I have to admit is not exactly my strongest point. 

How do you organise your time to keep everything in balance?


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Maxabella said...

Most weeks I look back and wonder where the actual biscuits went. Darn those biscuits. x