Thursday, 28 June 2012


Grateful for pets and the kindness that they bring out in my kids.

Lately I've caught quite a few moments that made me stop and smile and just feel so grateful..moments where my kids are being so gentle and loving with their pets.  

I have to admit that since having children, our pets have kind of taken a back seat.  Not to mention how they've put up with their fair share of tail pulling, chasing and general noise from the kids, but lately I've really noticed my kid's have developed a very special relationship with their pets.  They are forever checking up on their furry friends, making sure they have enough food and water, that the dog has his warm jacket on, and often let him inside to warm up (well afterall, the cat gets to be inside whenever he pleases).  

I often catch the kids enjoying quiet moments having a chat with their furry friends and patting them gently, worrying about them if they are sick or injured, which restores my faith in their kind and caring spirits. 

It really warms my heart to see the trust that the kids have built up with their pets, the love that they express and the satisfaction that it brings them to be with their pets.

I admit that I have often questioned whether we made the right decision of having pets, with the responsibility, extra work and costs involved, but I just can't imagine our life without them, or how my children would learn the valuable lessons of friendship, kindness and responsibility that come with owning a pet.

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happylan said...

Your children sound like such lovely, caring souls. We have often talked about a pet but still haven't got one yet.

Nat - Muddy Farmwife said...

How lovely that they have such a special bond now. It shows their caring nature Sam.

Elisa {with grace and eve} said...

That's beautiful Sam! I hadn't thought about all the wonderful qualities having a pet can bring out in kids. So lovely x

Lisa H said...

What a beautiful post, Sam! Many people might say kids and pets don't mix, I guess mostly because of the additional work. But my kids have almost always had pets - birds, dogs, cats, even a rat...

Just not all at once!

Pets are not only great companions for kids, but a great lesson in responsibility too.

Little Gumnut said...

awwww. And how could you not love those gooey doggy eyes! S/he looks adorable!

georgi said...

what a lovely dog!! We didn't grow up with pets, we never lived somewhere where it would be appropriate .. but once I settle somewhere I am definitely getting a dog :-)


jody said...

Oh such gorgeous pets! and a wonderful grateful post. xx