Saturday, 28 January 2012

Grateful - Big Rain, Little Poem

The rain has been relentless here in Queensland, coming and going all week.
We've been very fortunate in the area we live, only having to contend with a few road closures, a little cabin fever, wet school dropoffs and wet washing hanging on the line. But aside from any inconvenience, I am grateful for the rain.  Here's a little verse I just wrote as I gaze through the window out to a fine mist sprinkling over the trees which are greener than ever..

"Rain, rain, you come again,
soaking, drenching, feeding, cleansing.
At night I fall asleep to your lullaby
softy falling from the sky.
Watching through the window pane,
how I long to see the sun again.
Tomorrow you'll return I know,
atleast the pretty flowers grow"
How does the rain make you feel?

Joining in with Maxabella Loves for grateful today



Maxabella said...

Such a sweet poem, Sam. Thinking of the rain as 'cleansing' is very cleansing indeed! x

Sally said...

Today I was enjoying the rain... I could. I got all my washing done yesterday ;)