Sunday, 8 January 2012

Getting Out There

It's been ages since we went on a bushwalk as a family.
Lately hubby has gone on a few long bushwalks by himself,
 I guess it's his way of switching off and he loves exploring, especially mountains!
We've talked about going together for a while now, it's just been tricky with a toddler.
The last time we went on a bushwalk altogether was a couple of years ago, 
so we thought it was about time we got back out there!

Ok, so the toddler backpack wasn't really necessary afterall!

"Mum, this tree looks like it has eyes"

"Mummy, I talk to the birds"

So much learning to be had,  plenty of opportunities
to talk about looking after and respecting the environment
 and it's inhabitants, also how to stay safe.

Figured out where we are yet?  Here's one more clue..

Guessed yet?

We visited Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve (Maleny, Queensland).
If you live in Brisbane or up to the Sunshine Coast, you should check it out.
There's a cafe, playground, bbq's and lookout with amazing views.  
The walk itself is really safe (no steep dropoffs, clear tracks etc)
and takes between 45 minutes to an hour,
so it's easy for little ones (but long enough to tire them out of course).

Where do you and your family like to explore?



Debbie @ Aspiring Mum said...

My hubby and I went on a few hikes years ago, and it's something we'd like to do with our kids. It's nice to get them out into nature. I'll definitely have to put this one on our list. Looks like you had a great time.

Taylor Made said...

What a fabulous looking place...looks like you had a great day. x

rockmelon said...

we've walked and played at Mary Cairncross too, a delightful quiet space filled with the sounds of laughter and the call of birds. wonderful.