Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My New Morning Routine

Lately, I'm waking up early,
it seems Summer has arrived.
Room warm and filled with light.
I feel rested, awake,
 thoughts of tasks to be done already running through my head,
so throw back the covers and bounce out of bed.
 I enjoy a cup of coffee,
even a little crochet or magazine,
it's quiet,
just me and the cockatoos that I see through the window.
Seems I have a new morning routine,
nature has seen to that.
I'm going with it.
Waking up early before the noisy little ones, 
I'm finding is a good start to the day.

How do the seasons effect you and your routine?



supermac said...

It is a very nice shot and a very nice description of your mornings. I also have a morning ritual when I look out my window while sipping a cup of coffee. It feels good. Here's to many wonderful days like this ahead.

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Hi Sam, just to let you know I awarded you a little bloggy award today so be sure to check out my latest post, have a great Christmas!;)

Sally said...

I wish I could wake before the kids... but they get up so early and I'm not naturally a morning person.
Your new routine sounds great.