Friday, 9 September 2011


Today I'm grateful for..

Little independent people who have the confidence and initiative to
do things for themselves, like..

My 6 year old son tieing his own shoelaces..
and he loves taking photos to surprise mummy when she next uses the camera,
here's a few examples..

Not bad for a 6 year old, don't you think?

Then there's this cityscape drawing/watercolour he completed, resisting any direction from me
still don't know how he knew how to draw a cityscape!! When I mentioned it to his Prep teacher she said he may have seen it on Mr Maker).

My 2 year old likes helping around the house ..

*Photos of  my daughter removed for internet security purposes

You know you're falling a little behind when your toddler starts folding laundry
that's been on the couch for two days, and puts it away!

 Everyday they surprise me with something new they've learned, really keeping me on my toes!  It's kind of sad in one way, they're growing up so fast, but then to see them taking initiative and their confidence growing each day is so lovely, makes me think I must be doing something right afterall!

Hope you're enjoying a magic weekend! I'm popping over to Kymmie's blog now, she's hosting grateful this week.



Kymmie said...

Oh my! What little lovely helpers you have. Can I borrow your adorable little girl? She would be a lovely change to the two destroyer lads we have at our place!

And as for your artist/photographer... blown away by his artistic talents!

Thanks SO much for linking up today. xx

Seana Smith said...

Hello thee via Weekend Grateful, I love your son taking pictures! And I wonder if your wee girl would like to pop down to Sydney as I am having a face-off with huge piles of laundry!!

Taylor Made said...

They do grow so so quickly...I wish my six year old could tie his laces!

Anonymous said...

I love independent children who also show initiative, brilliant!! I remember getting a solid gold star for tying my shoe laces in Kindergarten, it was a huge moment. My 4 got it down pat fine, but there was a year 1 teacher who outright said "i will not tie your children's laces, they can have wee splatter on them, if they can't tie them themselves, send them in velcro" & i was quite suprised (this was my 4th child going through year 1 & i'd never heard of this before). Oh well, stick to your guns i guess. Love Posie

Silver Threads of Happiness said...

A two year old that folds the washing, now that is all kinds of awesome! Sounds like you are raising some wonderful children at your house :)