Thursday, 10 January 2013

Two Weeks To Go

I can't believe we only have two weeks left of school holidays. For us, the time has been flying by!

How nice it has been to sleep in, not have to organise lunches, uniforms etc, to not have to be anywhere at any particular time. I've been fortunate enough to have hubby home for three weeks, which has made such a difference.  We've had lots of little outings, mostly to stay cool - trips to the beach, to the pool, all ending with an ice-cream! There've been bike rides, bushwalks, inflatable pools, and a little technology thrown in, ok more than a little, but I feel like we have a pretty good balance happening with that.  

It hasn't all been r & r little store has kept me tucked away in my office far longer than desirable, but all so necessary to get set for 2013. It's been a bit of an eye opener, this working from home thing, difficult to draw boundaries, and hard to know when to "put the tools down" so to speak. I expect when school goes back I'll be able to settle into a better routine, something I'll have to work on if I'm to achieve a better level of balance in 2013.

Aside from the challenges, I'm loving my job, especially supporting other little businesses, and being surrounded by beautiful things..things that are made locally, things that are unique and made with love..

Handmade Doll

things that are sustainable and made ethically..

Vroom Fairtrade Toy

When new stock arrives, I'm like a kid opening presents, it feels like Christmas allover again..

But lovingly wrapping them and posting them off to their new home is even better!  

Just over two weeks until school is back..what do you have planned?



Leonie said...

I love the photo of your little one in he beautiful tutu!

Leonie said...

Oh and we are planning lots more chilling!

Sam said...

Thanks Leonie, and more chilling definately sounds like a plan!

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Hi Sam, I was thinking the exact same thing last night... Two weeks until my eldest daughter starts big school... Slow down world!!! ;)

Sam said...

Exciting Karla, but yes, where does the time go??

Becky said...

Ooh I just LOVE that packaging so simple and yet so elgant!